Precious Autumn-Graceful Change

Fall is in the air- I love it! Although it still seems a bit like summer here in the west where I live, I know fall is just around the corner. There’s a slight chill to the air and the suns rays seem a bit thinner. The flowers are brilliant and blooming like mad in the final days of warm weather.

Why do I love autumn so much? Well, things begin to gear down. It feels somehow, restful. It feels peaceful. I have a desire to sit on the porch and soak up the sun. I want to bake bread! These autumn days make me feel cozy. I have a desire to be home puttering and preparing for winter.

Mostly, I love this season because the falling leaves remind me that to everything there is a season. There is a time for gathering and a time for letting go. This is a time when I feel the need to simplify, to let go.

Just as the leaves of fall must let go so the tree can rest we too need to occasionally take stock of what we have and ask ourselves, “Is this serving a purpose or is it just clutter?” Are there commitments or obligations that I have taken on that are not serving my family or me? Is my calendar cluttered? Is there too much ‘stuff’ in my home? Are the cupboards of my mind too full? What about my emotions? Are there any old wounds and hurts that I need to release to the wind?” Fall is a time for taking stock and cleaning house.

When we think of this type of cleaning many of us think of spring. But for me, fall is the time. I don’t want to be closed up for winter with too many obligations, too much stuff, too few hours for home and family or feelings that burden my days and nights. Winter is for rest and I want to be free to rest.

This is a principle which allows us to have a great deal of freedom: Keep it simple. When you put something in, take something out. This principle, when observed, can help us have more time for family, relationships, and learning.

As my darling daughter, Jenny, so elegantly said, “Precious Autumn demonstrated graceful change to me today, to change and release with grace.”

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3 Responses to “Precious Autumn-Graceful Change”

  1. Mary Ann,
    That is just how I feel about fall! I was driving in the car today and thought to myself how maybe we should just take the whole month of October off of “school” and be outside, create… But I would love to also create order! One thing that I struggle with in leading a large family through life is that it is so messy and clutter-y. I have been on a mission to purge the house for 2 years. I make sense of one area of the house, but another gets out of control. I don’t know if I should just accept with grace the fact that my house looks like a preschool for this season of our family’s life. I really do want to have less “stuff” to worry about. I appreciate your wisdom and enthusiasm. Good Karma!

    1. I had seven children Janet, and so I get it. I think that we have to just clean out a bit at a time knowing that we will be doing all our lives. I know that you think that it changes when your kids are gone but I can tell you it doesn’t. : ) It is a lifelong process to dejunk, buy less, give away. One of my friends has a trick that works really well and I have used it. When you bring something in you take something out. If you buy a new blouse you give one away. If your child gets a new stuffy they give one away. If a new bowl comes your way then you get rid of an old one. This trick works on your calendar too. If you add a new activity or commitment then you let one go. It takes practice and it takes guts sometimes. So don’t be disheartened just keep working on it. : )

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