• I Am a Pathmaker and So are You!

    I was afraid of everything! I had few boundaries! There were good reasons that I found myself in this place as a mother; sexual abuse, controlling adults, fear brought on by the cold war, and the upheaval of civil unrest, a belief that I shouldn't have been born. Life and the future felt uncertain. I had no way to make sense...


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  • Grandparents Can Be Great Mentors

    I saw two grandpas’ walking with their grandchildren in my neighborhood. Both were interested in what their grandchildren were showing them. Both were smiling broadly and enjoying every minute. The children were holding a much larger finger, tugging them along. It was as if they couldn’t wait to get to the next interesting thing to show grandpa. There was a...

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  • How Does Reading as a Family Impact Adults?

    I am a BIG proponent of family reading because of its many benefits. When our kids were living at home, we read together. I wasn’t consistent, but we did manage to do it often enough that one of my daughters would say years later, “Mom, it was so great how you always read to us.” However, I wasn’t prepared for...

  • Intentional Systems Make All the Difference!

    When I mentor moms, I hear about all the things that aren't working. That is what they come to me for – for perspective, to see with new eyes. I enjoy this process of sorting it out. We often begin with family systems, so things start to work better. I have had this type of conversation hundreds of times: Mom - I...

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