• School in Limbo? Here’s Help!

    In our district, kids are going back to school only two days a week. WHAT!! That will leave a lot of parents with kids who want to do something fun and connect, as well as learn. Here is something that will help you out! : ) I began teaching and speaking over a decade ago. I focused on a learning tool...


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  • It’s OK Not To Be Perfect, Really!

    I have a delightful friend! She lives across the country, and so we talk regularly on the phone. We enjoy sharing our lives, and we help each other solve problems. Nicole often feels that she is somehow not doing as well as she should be. Recently we were talking about exercise. We’ve been talking about it for a few months, but Nicole...

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  • It Is That Important!

    This article was written by a wonderful woman and friend, Laurisa Paul. She is an RN, a writer, homeschool mother of five, and an aspiring midwife. I felt that the topic hits so close to many women's hearts and experience that it had to be shared. Read, enjoy, and learn. “I don't know how you do it.” I hear this statement (question?)...

  • It Is Wise…

    My sister uses only white dishcloths. When they are soiled, she boils them on the stove until they are white – I mean white! There is not a stain on them. When they begin to fray or wear out, they end up in the rag bag or the garbage. On the other hand, I use any color dishcloth, and I don't...

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