• My Magnificent Gift

    I received a gift on my Birthday that I want to share with you, but first, I want to share a portion from the introduction of my book, Becoming a Present Parent, because it will help you appreciate the beauty and value of the gift. “As a young woman growing up in the ’50s and ’60s, I didn’t contemplate any other...


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  • NO ONE has ever called me optimistic

    I come from an extended family of complainers and criticizers. I never knew that because how we were seemed ordinary to me. We weren't mean to each other. We could be generous and kind, but there was a lot of complaining, and we were critical. There isn't enough sun today. The snow is too deep. The car is nice, but I...

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  • Simple Isn’t Always Easy

    Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a friend and mentee. We were talking about some concepts found in my book, Becoming a Present Parent. She said, "The problem with your book is it's so simple. I loved it when I read it, and it was all so doable. Then two months later, in an overwhelmed moment, I asked myself,...

  • Gratitude – Part 2, Ten Tools to Greater Gratitude

    Gratitude begins with attitude. Gratitude is a choice not based on what is happening to us, what we have or don't have, but on how we choose to see what is happening to us. Regardless of our circumstances, we all have much to be grateful for if we pause and contemplate our blessings. We can lift ourselves and others, as well, when...

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