• Of Hens and Families

                                                       A Very Bright Chicken! We have chickens, free-range chickens. That means they are never locked in the coop. That has its advantages and disadvantages! •It feels like country even in the city •They poop on your patio and...


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  • The Best Grandpa Ever

    My Grandpa Ted Cazier was the best grandpa ever! He wasn’t always soft and cuddly. Sometimes he could get annoyed. He made you work and expected you to do a good job. But if you needed anything he would help you out, always. If you wanted black licorice he would have some in his pocket, always. If you were hungry he...

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  • What is Labor Day: Teach Your Children

    When I was a girl I lived in a series of small towns. Just before the start of the new school year, there was a holiday called Labor Day. I had no idea what it was about but I knew it meant school was starting. In the small towns that I lived in, there was always a big celebration with a...

  • A Tip To Improve Parent-Child Relationships

    Here’s a true story. A father was painting the outside of his home. His five-year-old son wanted to help. So this good father gave his son an old shirt with the sleeves rolled up several times. They both went to work on the door, dad painting the top and son painting the bottom. It just happened to be the main entrance. Now...

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