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  • Special Needs – The Other End of the Stick

    Five years ago I became my granddaughter Maggie’s aid at school. Maggie has severe Cerebral Palsy. She is non-verbal, can’t walk, has to be fed and changed, and has minimal control of her hands and arms. But she is so bright. I went to school with her to help her brilliance shine. I held her hand while she wrote. I put math...


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  • You Can Manage The Best Job In The World Better

    In 2011 one of my daughter’s, with four children, remarried. Another daughter and I went to her home to care for her kids while she was gone on her honeymoon. We took three children with us. That makes 7 children, right? But not to worry, after all, we had two moms to handle the job of caring for seven children,...

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  • Flying By The Seat of Your Pants Is Uncomfortable!

    Being a mother of seven busy children was a BIG job. One of the difficulties I ran into was managing all the mess and work that comes with a family. Believe me, you don’t have to have seven kids to figure out that a family takes work. I do a lot of mentoring with mom’s and dads who feel a bit...

  • Create A Culture of Togetherness

    Tightly knit families with good relationships don’t just happen. We have to have some idea of what we want and then take one small step towards that bigger picture. Every family has a culture. They’re all different. In my family's culture kids and adults didn’t play or work together. Even at family reunions that theme played out. There were activities for...

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