• Creating that ‘Family Feeling’

    How Do Kids Feel About Reading As A Family? The number one reason to read to your children until they leave your home and go out on their own is to establish an intimate experience filled warmth and belonging, that ‘family feeling.’ From Scholastic’s Kids and Family Reading Report, we learn only 17 percent of parents of kids aged 9–11 read aloud...


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  • The Big Epidemic

    The idea that we should be careful to keep our priorities right in terms of not letting lesser concerns get in the way of greater ones so that we find ourselves “in the thick of thin things,” is good advice. The Big Epidemic However, getting stuck in the thick of thin things seems to be epidemic in today's world. It can be...

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  • I’ve Got The TONE!

      Nature abhors a vacuum.   Aristotle believed this was true and so do I. I used to rage/yell. Even though it took ten years to stop raging and many years before that to even see that raging might be a problem, I have felt very proud of the accomplishment. However, if we're open to growth we won’t rest on past laurels. Not too long...

  • Exploding is ALWAYS a Choice

    I bet you clicked this email because the subject line ticked you off! Twenty years ago, it would have ticked me off too. However, I hope to move you in the direction of accepting this as true because it has great bearing on what we have been discussing for the last two weeks. We have talked about how our perception of...

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