• Sixty-Eight Thanksgivings and Counting!

    In two months I will be sixty-nine years old and my husband will be seventy. I contemplate that and I am amazed and astonished. It makes me smile with pure joy. Can you even imagine such a thing; to live this long! What an amazing thing to accomplish! Next week is Thanksgiving. My sweet husband will be hovering around me like...


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  • You Can Improve Your Parent-Child Relationships

    What Is Really Important? Here’s a true story. A father was painting the outside of his home. His five-year-old son wanted to help. So this good father gave his son an old shirt with the sleeves rolled up several times. They both went to work on the door, dad painting the top and son painting the bottom. It just happened to...

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  • Why Does a Work Ethic Matter?

    Learning The Value of Work It was early in the 1960’s and I was seated in a red vinyl chair, the kind you would have seen in a 1940’s dinner. I was waiting for a customer and I knew one would come. One always came when my grandpa took a break and headed out the front door to the Golden Spur...

  • Are You Withholding the Reward?

    You have probably heard the saying ‘begin with the end in mind’. In other words, visualize how you want something to turn out. However, if we want more enjoyment when we do things as a family then we should begin with the WHY in mind. I love this comment by the motivational speaker Dan Clark: “Begin with the why in mind...

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