• Can Everyday Moments Be Miraculous?

    The windows are fog-covered from soup steam and the air smells of baking bread. It’s cold outside on this wintry Montana day. I hear the children clattering through the gate and up the back steps, coming home from school. “Don’t bang the screen door”. The kitchen is filled with bodies, wet coats, boots, and mittens strewn about. “You guys pick up...


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  • Would You Turn Back Time?

    On a mature dating site commercial, a giddy woman said, “It’s just like being back in high school.” YIKES! I liked high school. It turned out okay. In my yearbook, I’m listed as “The most typical girl”. But I wouldn’t want to go back! When I got married, I was happy. Our children were born; we loved them and learned a...

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  • What Is The Best Gift?

    When we moved to Laurel, Montana over 3 decades ago it was a jolt. We had lots of little kids and we didn’t know anyone. We had no family in Montana and no one we knew had ever lived there. The second week in our new town we got a visit from an older woman who was part of the religious...

  • You Can’t Know Until You Get There

    Sometimes parenting seems like a thankless job. Many things must be done. Often, it seems, those we serve aren’t aware of, resent, or push away our efforts. I’ve learned that you really can’t know until you get there. That's the problem in a nutshell. Our children don’t deliberately set out to be ignorant of the blessings, help, and support we...

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