• What do you want to bequeath to your children?

    I came from a family of complainers. I can still hear my grandmother complaining to my grandfather about all kinds of things. I can hear my aunts and their complaints. After all, we used to hide under the kitchen table, which had a cloth that reached to the floor and listen in on their private conversations. I, in turn, became...


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  • Why You Should STOP Comparing

    As a parent or grandparent do you ever feel you don’t measure up? I think we all have those feelings. Here are four examples that will help you STOP playing the comparing game, which isn’t fun, and which no one ever wins. Story One Don and I have 14 grandchildren and one on the way. We love these kids. But Don and...

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  • I contemplated Suicide…

    As a middle-aged mother, with struggling children, it was hard to believe in anything but the dissolution of my family. I felt like a failure. My family didn’t look anything like I planned. Where were the calm and peaceful nights sitting around the fireplace popping corn? Where were the bedside chats filled with laughter and love? Where were the days...

  • Christmas Dresses – A True Story

    A true short story, written by Mary Ann Johnson years ago when her children were young and she was remembering Christmases past. The heater made a steady hum as it singed the small bits of pine I had placed on top. I’d never seen one like it until we moved into the new house. It was brown, shiny, and huge. It...

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