• Family Mission Statements Rock – Part 4

    Congratulations on creating your family mission statement! However, for it to translate into a family culture, you must now use it. Here are some ideas to engage with your family mission statement in meaningful ways. Ideas to Engage with Your Family Mission Statement 1. Recite it daily. Determine a time when your family is generally together consistently. Our family says our mission...


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  • You can raise amazing children. I promise!

    As I was raising our children, I made many mistakes. I was not gentle enough. I was a yeller. Sometimes I did not listen. I could be stern. On my birthday this year, my children told me how much they loved our family and me. They reminded me how much their friends loved coming to our home. I have even heard...

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  • Family Mission Statement – Part 3

      In preparation for writing your family mission statement: • You've considered what's been holding you back • You've let excuses go or come up with strategies to overcome any real roadblocks • You've been doing creative work on your own - "What do I want my family to do or know" list. Now it's time for everyone else to get involved. The next steps...

  • Maggie Understands Happiness!

    When the weather is good, I take my granddaughter Maggie for a walk. In the spring, summer, and fall, that's almost every day. She has minimal use of her arms and hands and no use of her legs, so getting out for a walk is a real treat. Maggie happened upon something that makes her very happy on these walks. She...

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