• What does an algae-filled pool have to do with successful parenting?

    This summer my grandchildren spent hours with their friends in the pool in our back yard. Sadly, the weather cooled and so the pool was drained for the winter. Due to the placement of the drains three inches of water remained in the pool. Time passed. One morning as I went into my office, I investigated the pool. There were three...


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  • It’s Not Education or a Degree That Thrills Me

    Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People Recently, my 45-year-old son graduated from college with a bachelor’s in philosophy. It wasn’t easy because he has a past that could have made it impossible. When Seth was a small boy, he had some experiences which hurt his heart and soul. Sometimes, no matter how carefully we try to guard our children bad things...

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  • The Best Grandparents Are …

    Recently, on a video app, my sisters and I were talking about what makes a great-grandma. The topic came up because one of my sisters has been accused of not being a good grandmother. It’s odd too because she is one of the coolest. It's Gotta Be Candy! This sister has a candy drawer. Yea, a whole drawer. It is the lowest...

  • Do you HATE Legos!

    Recently, while mentoring a busy mom, the topic of Legos came up. I laugh because the topic of Legos comes up often. Such an innocuous toy to cause so much trouble. The problem is that Legos are small and seem to be always underfoot. Many moms and dads reach a point of exasperation and want to pitch them out! I understand...

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