• How To Know What is Most Needful

    Does anyone care about your struggle? I believe in a power outside of myself which can and does help me manage some very difficult days. Regardless of your specific spiritual practices, if you believe that you’re guided and aided, then this article will be useful to you. I’ll be using the term Christ and Lord, but you can substitute whatever works...


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  • Grandparents Don’t Come from Cookie Cutters

    Every year at Christmas I make a few thousand gingerbread cookies. It’s a family tradition that’s been going on for almost fifty years. The cookies all look the same with their ginger brown bodies and cinnamon eyes. You know that each one is going to taste delicious. However, grandparents aren't all cut from the same dough. They don’t look alike, they...

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  • Lifting The Burden of Work and Family

    Judgment is NOT Helpful! I have an older client whose wife has become unable to do many of the household tasks that she used to do. I was at his home one day, a few days after their family had gathered to celebrate the end of summer. There were about 27, many of them children. They had water fights and silly...

  • What does an algae-filled pool have to do with successful parenting?

    This summer my grandchildren spent hours with their friends in the pool in our back yard. Sadly, the weather cooled and so the pool was drained for the winter. Due to the placement of the drains three inches of water remained in the pool. Time passed. One morning as I went into my office, I investigated the pool. There were three...

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