• The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of Parenting

    Every parent is made up of a measure of good, a portion of bad and occasionally a dollop of ugly.   I don’t care how good a parent you are; this is true. The problem that we run into is focusing on any one part. Many parents focus on the bad. They forget that there is a large portion of good. Others...


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  • No Matter What, You Can!

    We Often Believe We Cannot Do Something Until We Do It My husband bought a pergola for our patio. It was a necessity because the west sun is so hot that you can’t even turn the doorknob in mid-summer. The problem is that it had to be anchored into the cement. It had already blown over three times. We didn’t have the...

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  • Are You Sick of Mother’s Day?

      When my youngest daughter was pregnant with her first baby, she began a blog titled “Countdown to Motherhood.” Each week she had a different mother from her circle of women write an article about their experience with mothering. I was one of the mom’s in that circle. Today I’m sharing what I wrote on that long-ago Mother’s Day. (Link for the...

  • Do You Want to be Perfect?

    “No matter how consistent I am at something I just haven’t been able to be perfect!” The mom making this comment was feeling really stressed out and like a failure. Can you relate? As a mentor, I hear it all the time! Where in the world did we ever get the idea that there would ever be a time in our...

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