Rockin’ Sparks Station Packets

Get ready to really rock and roll the time you spend connecting, playing, and learning with your children.

Presenting the Rockin’ Spark Station Idea Packet Monthly Subscription!

This monthly subscription is the perfect answer for busy parents who really want to connect in a very enjoyable way with their children. Would you like to have fabulous Spark Station content month after month without the time and stress involved in coming up with the ideas, doing the research and then implementing?

Each month you will receive a 20 to 40 page PDF in your email inbox with dozens of ideas on a topic that you can then put into your Spark Station.

For $4.97 a month you can keep your Spark Station filled with interest, excitement and absolute family fun.

Feel the luxury of opening the Rockin’ Spark Station Idea Packet and having dozens of crafts, projects, recipes, books and family activities at your fingertips on a wide array of topics. There is 23 months worth of terrific ideas for helping your family connect with each other, have fun, and learn.

I have done all the work for you with ideas for family activities, crafts, learning projects, books to read, recipes, as well as further sites to refer to so that you can spend some stress free time playing and learning with your children.

Let me warn you that some topics will usually live on into the next month or even longer. There is just so much to do, so many possibilities for a family to be together playing and learning. You can choose as little or as much as you want to do. You could even have a few topics going at the same time. Then every time you use your Spark Station your children will have a world to choose from. You are going to have a ball!

Don’t fret over what to put into your Spark Station. Take advantage of the opportunity to have the work done for you, to really rock your Spark Station content and to keep you and your children connecting in this extraordinary way all year long!

If you are ready to really enjoy some fun times with your children bring the Rockin’ Spark Station Idea Packet into your inbox each month for only


Here are the fabulous topics you and your children will enjoy, in the order they will arrive:

Art, Art, Art
Build It!
Cloud Watching
Spiff Up Your Home School Any Time (filled with fun, get your room in order, tools for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers)
Money, Money, Money
Celebration Days in the USA – June through August (Whacky and wild holidays)
Spring Cleaning, the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice
Star Gazing
A Child’s Life from 1850 to 1899
A Child’s Life from 1900 to 1960
Summer Camp at Home (even in the dead of winter)
Learning about Night
Biology: The Science of Life
The Performing Arts
Body Functions
Zoology-Vertebrates-Domestic Animals
Zoology-Vertebrates-Wild Animals
Zoology-Extinct Animals (Non-Dinosaur)
Zoology-Extinct Animals (Dinosaur)


Thanks again for your ideas they have been fun for me and my kids. We did a lot of the art ones and I’m going to be doing some of the cloud ones soon.
Kellie Holbrook
I have three sons; the oldest is in 1st grade and now at school all day so I loved the idea of having a Spark Station once a week to connect more with my kids. I feel like I never see him now that he is in school all day long! But I love having these ideas all put together, they are so fun and I love it! I really appreciate all of your work in putting these together! You are such an inspiration to me, so thank you for all your blog posts and just everything that you do! 🙂
Torri Mahoney, CO
I cannot tell you what a fan of I am. Thank you for all of your hard work and inspiration. You are truly opening my eyes and helping me transform my family.
Leah Spencer, AZ