Free Resources



1. A Gift for Fall – Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the mild days and the slower pace. It’s a wonderful time to do things as a family. I want you to have a GIFT to celebrate this amazing season. Here is a plethora of ideas to help you teach your family about the Fall Equinox and engage in some wonderful activities. There are activities for older children and younger children. So take a look, download the page and share some terrific Fall moments with your family. Here’s to a HAPPY FALL.

2. It’s harvest time which means Halloween and Thanksgiving. This is a season for wonderfully warm and yummy treats. I love fall food and I have some great autumn recipes in my recipe box. So in honor of my favorite time of year, I’m sharing a few with you. These are “get the family together” recipes. Let the kid’s help, make a mess, clean up together and then delight your taste buds.

3. Halloween – Where did it come from? Who celebrates it? How has it changed? A page chock full of family fun ideas for celebrating and learning together. Take a look and have a spooky good time!

Holidays and Fun Days

1. Veterans Day – This is a holiday that is celebrated all over the United States and in some other countries too. But it is a holiday that kids and some parents don’t know much about. This page is filled with wonderful information and family activities to help you get into the know.

2. Martin Luther King Day – In January we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Then in February, we have Black History Month. These two months give families the opportunity to explore a number of themes and have some interesting meal time, car time, and bedtime conversations. On this resource page, you will find the history of the day, family activities and crafts, as well as a wonderful book list. Enjoy while learning together.

3. Valentine’s Day – When I was a girl I loved Valentine’s Day and I hated it too. I loved making my Valentines box and making Valentines for my friends. I loved our class parties and all the treats. I hated that I might not get a card from the boy I liked or some of my classmates. Here is a whole resource page on this fascinating holiday with family activities and crafts, as well as how it is celebrated in other countries.

Cooking with Kids

1. Green Chile and Pancakes – There really isn’t a recipe for this Colorado miner’s meal. It’s been handed down in my husband, Don’s, family for a few generations. But if you have a family that likes to experiment then this is a great dish for kids to prepare. Just so you know, it is delicious!

Reading as a Family

1. I LOVE history. However, I got miserable grades in history at school. How could that be when I loved history? As I have learned over time, memorizing dates, places, and names was a challenge for me. But when I understood what was happening to the people during the times they lived I could remember what mattered. Reading together as a family has magic in it. Reading history as a family can lead to real learning and some amazing discussions. Why not give it a try. Here is a list of some stellar children and youth historical fiction books.