The Family Chunk Clock

Do life’s distractions get YOU off schedule? Why don’t lists and schedules work for most families?

The family chunk clock is unique because it is organized around tasks rather than time.

It works because it doesn’t matter if you get up late, have an emergency phone call after breakfast, or just want the day off! It is powerful because it is a system designed to help you RETURN when you get off course. It works because it is about how your family time feels rather than ticking off a list of tasks.

This video will introduce you to a new, highly effective way to look at time management in a busy family.


Here is a PDF that you can download and print that walks you through the steps to create a chunk clock for your family.    Family Chunk Clock PDF

Samples of different chunk clocks created by actual families.  Examples PDF


I love the chunk clock! I have such a hard time being organized. Schedules are frustrating. Babies just don’t care what the clock says. 🙂 So having a way to have a routine and be more organized is helpful. My kids and I have a visual reminder and if there isn’t time for everything in that chunk we can scan the chart and prioritize easily. I had to make a few chunk clocks before I got one that really worked well for us. Kara

We have been doing the chunking for the past two days and it has seemed miraculous!  The little kids keep asking to play “beat the clock”, we have never had so much order. Kim