My Goals, Commitments and Word for the Year 2024



1. I cook so my family stays healthy. I weigh 155 pounds by choice, and I love it.

2. I exercise 3 times a week, walk when I can, stretch daily, and participate in intermittent fasting from 9am to 8pm. I am physically in good shape, my hip supports me, and my memory is strong. My body and I take care of one another. As I age my wisdom increases. I have all the energy I need for each day. I remain well and healthy. My body systems work perfectly. My organs are healthy. I can manage whatever God asks of me because I care for my body and my Spirit and He blesses me.

3. Don and I hug and kiss every day because we are aware of each other and our need to connect despite any illness or aging. This is an intentional choice we have made.

4. I support Don in his health journey but let God take the lead.

5. I am gentle and loving to my mom. I respond to her dementia in ways that are caring and nurturing to her.

6. I write every day because I want to. I have important information to share and women who depend on me to share it.

7. I allow myself to rest. I allow myself to be alone. I read and write. Jesus never rushed; He made time for Himself. These practices help me manage the stress that comes with caregiving. I am an oasis of peace, a pool of serenity. This blesses all those I care for.

8. God and Christ value me just as I am. I feel their love and support as I work to become more like them. They want to grant me the gift of charity and so they give me opportunities to practice this way of being. I am becoming more charitable, and my heart is soft.

9. Don and I hear from the Spirit how to fulfill our mission as Family History & Temple consultants. As we hear and respond we are blessing our ward, individuals, and ourselves. This is very satisfying.

10. I have ample time and resources. There is enough time to do what needs to be done. I focus on the present moment. I am untroubled.

11. Our income has increased by $1000 a month. We have financial independence. I am surrounded by prosperity. The Lord makes sure I always have what I need.

12. The Lord guides me continually and satisfies my soul in drought. I am like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not. They that are of me are building the old waste places. I am raising up the foundation of many generations. I am a repairer of the breach, a restorer of paths to dwell in. It is well with my soul! Isaiah 58: 11-12

Financially Independent

•Pay Barry $1000
•Pay off the credit cards
•Have at least $10,000 in Long Term Savings