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Traditions Matter!

We all have traditions. Our family had many traditions. Some were built around holidays or special family days. Many were built around spiritual and religious beliefs.

I know that the traditions we had in our family were pivotal to keeping us all together when things got tough. It was our traditions which brought our children home when they were wandering in their own wildernesses. I know that it was our traditions which linked us to the past and have carried us into the future. It’s because of our traditions that we’re still connected and bonded in some very strong ways despite the differences in our individual lives.

Here are some important things to consider as you review your family traditions:

• Traditions are like glue in a family
• It’s wise to carefully think about traditions and then decide what you want to create as a family culture
• Choose traditions that will strengthen the family culture that you want
• Be truly consistent in your traditions
• Sometimes a tradition needs to be adjusted as children grow so that the tradition remains strong

May your children be blessed with a strong sense of family. May you carefully consider your traditions and then make adjustments so that when your children are grown, they will do the same for their families.

This last week was a special one for my family. It’s a time when we celebrate some significant religious traditions. They matter a great deal to me.

I have also spent this last week studying the traditions of a different religious group. I have enjoyed it immensely and have learned so much. I learned:

• Every religion has special music and events for their youth because passing traditions on matters
• We all value our traditions and feel more complete with them
• The traditions of a family or another group are worth our respect even if they are different from ours.
• Learning about other traditions can strengthen us in our own

May we value our own family traditions, and may we respect those of others. Have a wonderful coming week!

Read to your Children this Easter

I recall an Easter when I was a girl. There were nine of us children and my mom and dad lived on a shoestring. This particular year my mom couldn’t afford baskets and so she made a nest of Easter Grass (very cheap) for each of us. To make it more exciting she hid the nests all over the house. I recall mine was in the bathroom shower. I had a very creative mother. : )

I have another memory of Easter. I remember reading a great Easter book for kids, The Country Bunny by Du Bose Heyward. My mom never took us to the library. I just learned to use it by myself and for the most part, I walked. So although this is a book for younger children I was probably in third or fourth grade when I read it. I didn’t care. I loved the book.

I remember that I really liked the pictures. They were just plain interesting.

I also loved the story. I really wanted to be that mother bunny. I love that little mother bunny; her wonderful helping children, her outwitting of the swift-footed, pompous hares, and her tender perseverance. I did grow up to have 7 children! (Heaven forbid 21!)

I was intrigued by the golden shoes. I wanted some. I knew that someday I was going to make one of those fabulous sugar eggs that she delivered with the help of the golden shoes.

I also had a question which has never been answered: How did they decide which children got regular eggs, chocolate eggs or those beautiful sugar eggs? Hmmmmmm!

Your kids will like this book and they might like making some beautiful sugar eggs.







Here is another very readable Easter book, Henri, Egg Artiste by Marcus Pfister. I like it because it’s about art!

Henri is a true artist who has grown tired of decorating his eggs in the same old way. Your children will be led on an exploration of the art world as Henri creates beautiful works in the styles of celebrated painters of the past, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Claude Monet are just a few of the geniuses who inspire Henri, Egg Artiste. This is a delightful way to introduce children to a world of masterpieces.

What are your favorite Easter books and traditions? We would love to have you share!


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